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DevOps: Eliminating Configuration Drift is Essential for Strong CyberSecurity

By Dick Weisinger

Configuration drift is incremental network setting changes made by administrative users that over time diverge from baseline or defined configuration settings. The changes made might be made as a result of troubleshooting a problem and forgetting to reset parameters or

Enterprise Software: Modernizing the Tech Stack for Maximum Impact

By Dick Weisinger

IT modernization is hard. Especially when budgets are tight, most money is diverted to supporting existing applications and services, so allocating monies for new technology becomes risky and often out of reach. Stefan Van Der Zijden, VP at Gartner, said

Enterprise Software: Emergence of Sustainability Management Software

By Dick Weisinger

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG has become an increasing buzzword and driver for how businesses present themselves, make decisions, and grow their business. There has been a strong focus in the tech industry on the ‘E’ of ESG

Enterprise Software: Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse

By Dick Weisinger

Buying enterprise software is a little like buying a new car. Most people ultimately end up liking what they buy but the experience related to the purchase and delivery is often difficult, if not painful. Hank Barnes, Gartner analyst, told

Composable Enterprises: A Flexible Framework for Adapting to a Changing World

By Dick Weisinger

A composable enterprise is “an organization that delivers business outcomes and rapidly adapts to business change. Think of it as building blocks made from applications to be assembled and rearranged as needed,” as defined by Gartner. Composable Enterprise design involves