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How to Secure Data When Computing with PAC Privacy

By Dick Weisinger

Data privacy is a major concern for many applications of machine learning, especially when sensitive information such as medical records or personal images is involved. How can we share useful models without revealing the data they were trained on? A

Privacy: Big Tech Lobby States to Support Weak Data Privacy Laws

By Dick Weisinger

Privacy laws in the US are currently weak and scattered. Amie Stepanovich, executive director at the Silicon Flatirons Center at Colorado Law, said that “currently, privacy laws are a cluttered mess of different sectoral rules. Historically, in the US we

Privacy: Both Individual and Collective Rights are Stressed

By Dick Weisinger

Our phones and devices know where we are and what we’re doing. The data that data devices generate can be easily collected, tracked, and analyzed. This constant collection of data puts our privacy at risk, not just our privacy and

Privacy: California may Kill Federal Data Privacy Legislation

By Dick Weisinger

As the Congress’ fall session comes into session there have been hopes that the House would take up consideration of federal privacy legislation. A compromised bill has emerged from the House Energy and Commerce Committee called the American Data Privacy

Data Security: Centralizing Privacy Controls of all Web Sites

By Dick Weisinger

Privacy protection. Big Tech proudly argues that their apps provide users fine gain protection of their privacy. But, how to find where those controls are or understanding how to set them may not be as easy as it sounds. Sundar