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Elasticsearch: Powering Data Search and Analysis

By Dick Weisinger

Data is everywhere. It is generated by every click, every tweet, every purchase, every sensor, every device. It is the lifeblood of modern enterprises, but also a challenge to manage and make sense of. How can businesses harness the power

BPM: Not Dead, But Evolving

By Dick Weisinger

Business process management (BPM) is a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize business processes. A business process coordinates the behavior of people, systems, information, and things to produce business outcomes in support of

Enterprise Software: The Vision of a Modern Data Estate Appeals but Difficult to Achieve

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud Computing has changed expectations about enterprise software. Traditionally, enterprise software was planned and built over the course of many months or even years. The process which included the design, architecting, implementation, and testing was a very tedious and expensive

DevOps: Eliminating Configuration Drift is Essential for Strong CyberSecurity

By Dick Weisinger

Configuration drift is incremental network setting changes made by administrative users that over time diverge from baseline or defined configuration settings. The changes made might be made as a result of troubleshooting a problem and forgetting to reset parameters or

Enterprise Software: Modernizing the Tech Stack for Maximum Impact

By Dick Weisinger

IT modernization is hard. Especially when budgets are tight, most money is diverted to supporting existing applications and services, so allocating monies for new technology becomes risky and often out of reach. Stefan Van Der Zijden, VP at Gartner, said