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Data Quality: Blockchain Smart Contracts

By Dick Weisinger

“Poor data quality is enemy number one to the widespread profitable use of machine learning,” is one of the conclusions of a Trifacta report. The report finds that only 26 percent of businesses have confidence in the accuracy of their

IoT and Blockchain: Components of a New Computing Stack

By Dick Weisinger

While business applications are moving to a centralized-computing paradigm with the cloud, IoT is moving in a different direction, one that focuses on decentralized edge computing. Decentralized IoT alone has issues related to security and data privacy when many devices

Blockchain: Despite Obstacles and Setbacks, Elements of Blockchain Define the Future

By Dick Weisinger

While the consensus is that blockchain or future generations of blockchain could be revolutionary when applied to many different industries, the reality remains that blockchain successes to date have been limited. Despite setbacks, the hype still remains and people are

Blockchain: Immature Technology + Forced Fit to Problems = Disillusionment

By Dick Weisinger

In 2016, banks like Deutsche forecast that the widespread use of blockchain technology was five to ten years away. Three years later, that goal hasn’t seemed to move much closer. In 4Q 2019, Gartner announced that disillusionment for blockchain was

IoT, Blockchain, and Security: Tamper-proofing Devices

By Dick Weisinger

Blockchain has been promoted as a possible solution to security of IoT devices. Security of IoT devices has been notoriously bad. It is difficult to remotely oversee devices to know if they have been compromised by hackers. Blockchain can be