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The Friction Between Open Source and AI

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source has taken a central role in the development and release of Artificial Intelligence projects. However, companies and developers working with AI are running into unexpected issues.

The reason for this is that Open Source AI represents a paradigm shift. It democratizes access to cutting-edge AI technologies, fostering collaboration and innovation. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is at the forefront of this movement, aiming to define “Open Source AI” like the established Open Source Definition. Google, Creative Commons, and other global experts are actively shaping this definition, emphasizing transparency and collaboration.

Major players like Google and OpenAI are embracing open-source principles. They recognize that customization and community involvement drive progress. Google’s user-friendly platform allows non-coders to create customized chatbots using powerful language models. OpenAI’s multimodal approach—text, images, and audio is expected to enable a new category of AI applications.

Open Source AI lowers barriers. Developers worldwide can access, inspect, and modify models. This fosters rapid research and development. As generative AI projects gain traction, we anticipate groundbreaking applications across domains.

But open models empower adversaries too. The lack of control over model usage and alterations poses risks. While open source promotes safety and security, it also necessitates vigilance against misuse.

User-friendly platforms enable customization. Developers can tailor AI models to specific needs without coding expertise. This accessibility enhances trust and usability for non-technical users.

In the area of AI, there is a lot to look forward to. Open-source AI will continue to evolve, impacting cloud-native applications, drug discovery, and more. Expect AI models that are interpretable, explainable, and ethically sound. But as AI becomes a ubiquitous tool, we must navigate its complexities with care. The intersection of Open Source and AI is a dynamic frontier. It empowers collaboration, but vigilance is essential. 

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