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Augmented Analytics: Turning CXOs into Citizen Data Scientists

By Dick Weisinger

User interfaces for Data analytics and Business Intelligence tools are being revamped. They’re becoming more conversational and easier to use. This new generation of business decision-making software is called augmented analytics and incorporates AI and natural language to create a

Data Analytics: AI Reshapes the Delivery of Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

The availability of increasing amounts of data is driving applications that can analyze it, identify patterns in it, and derive meaning from it. The area of data analytics, in particular, is under enormous change. Rita Sallam, research vice president at

Autonomous Analytics: Turning Data into Decisions

By Dick Weisinger

Data is touted as the “new oil”, but without a strategy for effectively using it, it’s value is limited. James Hodge, chief technical advisor at Splunk, said that “the fact that businesses are producing vast amounts of data is indisputable,

Data Analytics: Trends in 2020

By Dick Weisinger

Data analytics has become a critical capability of organizations. Gartner outlined trends in Data Analytics that we’ll see in 2020. Augmented Analytics – Analytics software will become easier to use so that users not trained in data science will be

Business Intelligence: Citizen Data Science to Become Widespread in Organizations

By Dick Weisinger

Business Intelligence systems are software tools that collect and analyze data to help organizations become more efficient and productive. Recently, Gartner announced their take on the top five trends currently happening in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics: Augmented