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Data Quality: The Critical Factor for Analytics Success

By Dick Weisinger

Do you trust your data? It’s increasingly easy to tap data into data analytics, machine learning, and other AI tools, but if the data itself is flawed, out of date, or incomplete, the exercise can turn into a classic case

Analytics: ‘Dashboard Backlog’ Causes Analytics to Evolve

By Dick Weisinger

Dashboards have become the defacto way for analytics apps to present data. The style is crisp and designed to be easy to use. The problem is that dashboards aren’t able to keep up with the pace of types of information

Augmented Analytics: Providing a Narrative and Context via Data Stories

By Dick Weisinger

The global augmented analytics market size was $5 billion in 2019 and is growing at a rate of 25 percent annually, according to a report by TMR Research. The industries where augmented analytics is being deployed include financial services, healthcare,

Augmented Intelligence: Machines that Work Collaboratively with Humans

By Dick Weisinger

Augmented Intelligence is the application of Artificial Intelligence in a way that enhances collaboration between humans and machines. It enhances how people work, making them faster, stronger, and more efficient. Gartner ranks Augmented Intelligence as one of the top 10

Augmented Analytics: Turning CXOs into Citizen Data Scientists

By Dick Weisinger

User interfaces for Data analytics and Business Intelligence tools are being revamped. They’re becoming more conversational and easier to use. This new generation of business decision-making software is called augmented analytics and incorporates AI and natural language to create a