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Data Analytics: AI Reshapes the Delivery of Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

The availability of increasing amounts of data is driving applications that can analyze it, identify patterns in it, and derive meaning from it. The area of data analytics, in particular, is under enormous change. Rita Sallam, research vice president at

Data Analytics: Trends in 2020

By Dick Weisinger

Data analytics has become a critical capability of organizations. Gartner outlined trends in Data Analytics that we’ll see in 2020. Augmented Analytics – Analytics software will become easier to use so that users not trained in data science will be

Data Analytics: It’s Hard for Businesses to Move Past Spreadsheets

By Dick Weisinger

89 percent of organizations still rely heavily on the use of spreadsheets to do their data analysis, according to a survey on data analytics by TDWI.  Yet almost all of those organizations worry about the quality and consistency of the

Data Analysis: Without Data Quality Data Analysis is Useless

By Dick Weisinger

The results of your data analysis can only be as good as the quality of your data.  That’s another way of rephrasing the well-known phrase: Garbage in, Garbage out. Data is powering the rapid growth of technologies like Big Data,

Data Analytics: Most Businesses Still Aren’t Using Their Data Effectively

By Dick Weisinger

Using a five-level system to rank businesses in their capabilities related to data analytics, Gartner only ranks 9 percent of global companies as being in the top level, the transformational level.  At that transformational level, Data Analytics becomes central to