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Enterprise Software: Businesses Arm Citizen Developers with Low Code

By Dick Weisinger

Rob Cameron, CEO of KnowlegeLake, in a Forbes Council Opinion piece calls ‘low code’ a ‘Game Changer’. “This is a massive trend,” said John Bratincevic, analyst at Forrester. Low-code software development combines highly visual user interfaces, allowing users often to

Low Code/No Code: Are Template Solutions the Future?

By Dick Weisinger

No-code GUI-based tools target non-developers and make it possible to configure applications without any code changes. Low-code means that an application provides a way to perform simple and quick customizations usually via scripting. But some vendors have stretched just what

Low Code: Development Platforms See Surge of Interest

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner has seized on the popularity of low-code programming and identified/branded the industry as Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP). Products in this category include Mendex, Power Apps by Microsoft, and OutSystems. According to Garter, Low-Code platforms have reached a “plateau

Enterprise Software: Business Technologists Adopt Low Code

By Dick Weisinger

Non-IT employees are becoming increasingly tech savvy. While not trained as developers, low-code and no-code platforms are enabling employees across the business to be able to create and run new applications. More than half of business technologists create technology capabilities

Low Code: Productivity Tools Will Shift App Development from IT to Line-of-Business Groups

By Dick Weisinger

Low code refers to tools that make the creation of software applications easy, with the implication that low-code tools make it easy enough for non-technical people to create apps. Via clicks and drags, analysts and business experts can create apps