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Machine Learning: Using MLOps to Achieve AI Best Practices

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses recognize the potential of Machine Learning, but many aren’t yet prepared to use the technology. The solution is to train and hire engineers who skilled in Machine Learning. This new category of AI-trained engineers are being called MLOps (Machine

Liquid Machine Learning: Resilience When Encountering the Unexpected

By Dick Weisinger

Machine Learning (ML) algorithms ingest massive amounts of data and are able to identify and pick out patterns that recur in the data. Once trained, when the algorithm is able to identify similar patterns when presented with a new data

Machine Learning: Can Algorithms Become a Crystal Ball for Future Events?

By Dick Weisinger

In Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction series Foundation, mathematics, statistics, history, and sociology have all progressed and consolidated into a field called psychohistory. Psychohistory is able to predict long-term future trends and changes in society. In Asimov’s book the statistical

Neuron Codes: How Does Human Cognition Really Work?

By Dick Weisinger

How does the human brain work? Computer scientists are working to transfer intelligence to machines, but there is still very much not well understood about how the human brain works, particularly how does the brain store information. Understanding more completely

Data Poisoning: Machine Learning Susceptible to Manipulation by Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

Data poisoning is the alteration or manipulation of Machine Language (ML) training data. While the amount of data changed may be small, it may be enough to both avoid detection and to bias the algorithm into favoring a particular result.