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Plan 9 by Nokia Bell Labs: Now Released with MIT Licensing

By Dick Weisinger

Forty years ago Bell Labs was a center of technology innovation. Researchers from Bell are credited with developing technologies like the transistor, the laser, the photovoltaic cell, and radio astronomy. In the area of software, Bell researchers created Unix and

Linux: Can it Ever Break Through in the Desktop Market?

By Dick Weisinger

It’s been more than 30 years since the Linux project was first introduced by Linus Torvalds. Over the years Linux has resoundingly captured the market for servers running in the cloud and for business. Linux has been packaged and bundled

Linux: IBM Kills CentOS

By Dick Weisinger

At the end of 2020, Red Hat announced that they would no longer ship CentOS (Community Enterprise Linux Operating System), the free distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Instead of CentOS Linux, Red Hat will now ship CentOS Stream.

Open Source: Digital Certificates for Secure Software Deliveries

By Dick Weisinger

Code signing of software is a way to verify the author of the software and confirm that the code has not been altered or corrupted since the time it was released. Code signing to validate authenticity and integrity is based

Linux: Will Windows Eventually Submit?

By Dick Weisinger

The battle’s not over yet, and Linux may prevail. It’s been 30 years since Linux Torvalds first introduced Linux. People have long built PC which dual boot into either Windows or Linux. And Wine lets users run Windows apps on