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Software Licensing: Perpetual and Subscription both Common

By Dick Weisinger

Subscription versus perpetual licensing. While perpetual licenses are still out there, subscription pricing models, and utility pay-per-use models have become increasingly common, especially for SaaS applications. Flexera released today a comprehensive report on Software Monetization and Pricing. The report finds

Software Development: Are Microservices Always the Right Choice?

By Dick Weisinger

Yesterday’s post detailed some of the benefits of microservices, like resiliency, flexibility, more controllable upgrades, the ability to blend heterogeneously created components, and better scalability. These benefits sound great. But microservices may not be a one-size-fits all. For small businesses

Software Development: New Technologies like Cloud-Native and AI-Based QA Change Developer Workflows

By Dick Weisinger

Software development is evolving as new technologies are incorporated into the development workflow, according to a recent report by Forrester. Developer tools are incorporating, for example, cloud, AI and Machine learning, serverless computing and low code. Takeaways from the Forrester report

Software Development: Facebook’s GraphQL Offers an Alternative to REST APIs

By Dick Weisinger

Web APIs are evolving.  REST has become the standard for building web-based APIs, replacing earlier technologies like SOAP.  REST proved itself to be lightweight and flexible. There’s an alternative to REST that is becoming more popular: GraphQL.  GraphQL is the

Software: When Agile Methodology Goes Wrong

By Dick Weisinger

A recent article by Karin Ahlbäck, engagement manager at McKinsey, was titled “The Drawbacks of Agility.”  The article doesn’t really uncover problems with agility per se.  Instead it notes that when agility is “misused” or not correctly implemented, “it can trigger