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Java JDK: Users Flee from Oracle Support

By Dick Weisinger

After January 2019 Oracle discontinued posting Java SE updates that could be used commercially. Now commercial users are required to purchase support for Oracle Java. The consequence of Oracle’s decision is that many products that use Java already have or

JAMStack: Improving Web App Performance and Security

By Dick Weisinger

A new style of app development is gaining in popularity: JAMStack. It is a kind of software architecture and philosophy. ‘JAM’ stands for Javascript, APIs and Markup. The Markup in JAMStacks refers to static markup deployed with the app from

Coding: Using AI to Translate Between Programming Languages

By Dick Weisinger

Code migration. Translating computer code from one programming language to another is tedious, time consuming, and expensive. When migrating from legacy systems or legacy ways of operating, it often can’t be escaped. Code translators are also often used to rewrite

Programming Languages: Python Begins to Edge Out Java in Popularity

By Dick Weisinger

Python has been gaining on Java in terms of popularity, and by some measures, has surpassed it. A report by JetBrains found that Java remains the most widespread primary computing language, Python has become the most used language The report

Low Code Software: Tight Budgets and Application Modernization Plans Drive Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are turning to low-code development as a way to still move forward with modern technology but with smaller teams of developers and power users. Low code tools are typically UI-based or allow users to easily configure changes to software