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Enterprise Architecture: MACH Architecture for Scalable and Pluggable Solutions

By Dick Weisinger

Twenty years ago the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) framework was the cutting-edge approach to developing web-based apps. LAMP is now an acronym and development framework that was superseded by solutions stacks/frameworks like MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (or Angular), and

Accessibility + AI: Enabling Content for the Visually Impaired

By Dick Weisinger

Being able to access the internet and gather content from it has become a necessity for many aspects of our lives. But, if you are blind or in some other way visually impaired, being able to view web pages and

Security: Testing the Security of Your APIs Before Hackers Do

By Dick Weisinger

APIs have allowed software easier to maintain and test by breaking functionality down into small components. APIs have become popular and something that is expected to be available for developers. Marco Palladino, CTO at Kong, said that “APIs enable companies

Enterprise Software: Business Technologists Adopt Low Code

By Dick Weisinger

Non-IT employees are becoming increasingly tech savvy. While not trained as developers, low-code and no-code platforms are enabling employees across the business to be able to create and run new applications. More than half of business technologists create technology capabilities

Log4j Vulnerability: Minimal Damage to Date, but Risks Classified as Long-Term Endemic

By Dick Weisinger

The Cyber Safety Review Board last week Thursday released a report on the effect of the Log4j vulnerability on US government agencies. The report found that agencies spent tens of thousands of hours patching the problem since it was first