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Glue Code: The Connector Between Software Components

By Dick Weisinger

Glue Code is code that connects programs and software components. It can move results, notifications, and data back and forth between islands of code. Glue is what lets you hook up programs and architectures that are fundamentally different to each

AI-Augmented Software Development: Love it or Hate it, It’s Here!

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is starting to be applied to software development to both improve development and improve the developer experience. Tools like Microsoft’s IntelliSense have been available for some time. Based on near-term context of code that the developer has typed,

Composable: Modularizing the Enterprise, its Processes, and the Apps that Run it

By Dick Weisinger

Analysts at Gartner and IDC have adopted the term ‘composable’. Composable Applications rank high on Gartner’s Emerging Technology Hype curve. At the heart of Composability is modularity, reusability, and flexibility. Modularity is key to object oriented programming, and now, modularity

Code Developers: Indispensable to Enterprises

By Dick Weisinger

Who built the giant companies in the software tech industry? Steve Ballmer shouted it loud in an on-stage Windows 2000 release rant: Developers! It isn’t only the giants now. All organizations need great developers. An important goal of many enterprises

API Evolution: Advantages of GraphQL APIs in Data-Centric Applications

By Dick Weisinger

There is an architectural debate happening now on the pros and cons of two competing API technologies: REST and GraphQL. REST APIs superseded older APIs for querying servers like CORBA and SOAP. Those older technologies were very complex and difficult