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Code Development: Javascript Hackers Supreme

By Dick Weisinger

Igalia is a small open-source-focused company of consultants based in Spain with offices in San Francisco, Helsinki, and Brussels. Despite its size, the company develops open-source solutions for browsers, graphics, compilers, device drivers, and virtualization. In particular, the company has

Coding: Date-Format Bugs Cause Big Headaches

By Dick Weisinger

The days leading up to January 1, 2020 caused many IT teams worry because on that day the two-digit year abbreviation used for storing dates on many computer systems would roll over from 99 to 00. The date rollover was

Using AI to Animate: Realistic 3D Avatar Motion in the Metaverse

By Dick Weisinger

Meta/Facebook and other companies are betting big that the future of on-line social interactions will be a network of virtual worlds that is being called the metaverse. Participants in virtual reality of the metaverse will be able to interact with

Security: Testing the Security of Your APIs Before Hackers Do

By Dick Weisinger

APIs have allowed software easier to maintain and test by breaking functionality down into small components. APIs have become popular and something that is expected to be available for developers. Marco Palladino, CTO at Kong, said that “APIs enable companies

Code Developers: Indispensable to Enterprises

By Dick Weisinger

Who built the giant companies in the software tech industry? Steve Ballmer shouted it loud in an on-stage Windows 2000 release rant: Developers! It isn’t only the giants now. All organizations need great developers. An important goal of many enterprises