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Coding: CSS Evolves

By Dick Weisinger

Web pages — HTML, Javascript and CSS are the basic elements of every page. All of those pieces are being modernized. A recent report on CSS summarizes the popularity of existing framework and layout options. Sacha Greif and RaphaĆ«l Benitte

Security: Rethinking Priorities for Software Development

By Dick Weisinger

Bulletproof software might be the ideal, but achieving it can be elusive. A report from Veracode found that 85 percent of all software had at least one vulnerability and that 13 percent of all software has at least one high-severity

JAMStack: Improving Web App Performance and Security

By Dick Weisinger

A new style of app development is gaining in popularity: JAMStack. It is a kind of software architecture and philosophy. ‘JAM’ stands for Javascript, APIs and Markup. The Markup in JAMStacks refers to static markup deployed with the app from

Coding: Using AI to Translate Between Programming Languages

By Dick Weisinger

Code migration. Translating computer code from one programming language to another is tedious, time consuming, and expensive. When migrating from legacy systems or legacy ways of operating, it often can’t be escaped. Code translators are also often used to rewrite

Software and Fairness: The need for Ethics Engineering

By Dick Weisinger

Technology has become a cornerstone of most people’s lives, and its pervasiveness has many looking now at the ways it both positively and negatively affects our lives. While the positives of new technology are many, the negatives need to be