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Encryption, Security, and Open Source: Exposed Secrets Can Be Catastrophic

By Dick Weisinger

“The only method that currently exists for reliably protecting the world’s information is encryption,” wrote Edward Snowden for the Guardian. “The internet is more secure as a result.” Encryption is great! But encryption can also be a headache! Securing encryption

Artificial Intelligence: Meta Open Sources PyTorch

By Dick Weisinger

PyTorch has moved to become a project managed by the Linux Foundation. The project was originally started by Facebook/Meta and while it had been under an open-source license, the direction of the project was overseen by Meta. It is extremely

BLOOM: The Open-Source Alternative to GPT-3-like Large Language Models

By Dick Weisinger

OpenAI’s GPT-3 may have been first, or at least first to generate a widespread ‘wow’ from people once they saw what AI Large learning Models can do. Since then there have been competitors, like Google’s LaMDA, China’s Wu Dao 2.0,

IoT and Open Source: Built-In Software Auto-Updates Could Make Devices More Secure

By Dick Weisinger

IoT devices are under attack. Many are old and use dated Open Source software that have known vulnerabilities. Once the devices are deployed, they are often forgotten, their software is seldom if ever updated, and they become easy targets for

Security: Modernizing and Securing US Infrastructure with Open Source Software and Firmware

By Dick Weisinger

The aging utility infrastructure in the US is in crisis. A lack of major investment in infrastructure over the last few decades in the US has led to overall decay in infrastructure across the board. Major bridges are decaying and