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Open Source: The Open Core Conundrum

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software is publicly accessible and can be downloaded, modified, and reused. It is developed in a decentralized way with peer collaboration and review. Open Core is a business model where a company drives creates an open-source software project

Open Source: Both Hero and Villian of App Development

By Dick Weisinger

Applications based on open-source software are everywhere. The Linux Foundation estimates that most modern applications contain 70-90 percent open-source software. And by some estimates, 96 percent of all enterprise software is using some amount of open source. The advantage of

RISC-V: An Open-Source Challenger to x86, ARM Architectures

By Dick Weisinger

RISC-V is an open-source 32-bit chip architecture that provides a small and efficient processor architecture. It is an open-source instruction set that does not require a fee to use. The project started at UC Berkeley in 2010 and now has

Encryption, Security, and Open Source: Exposed Secrets Can Be Catastrophic

By Dick Weisinger

“The only method that currently exists for reliably protecting the world’s information is encryption,” wrote Edward Snowden for the Guardian. “The internet is more secure as a result.” Encryption is great! But encryption can also be a headache! Securing encryption

Artificial Intelligence: Meta Open Sources PyTorch

By Dick Weisinger

PyTorch has moved to become a project managed by the Linux Foundation. The project was originally started by Facebook/Meta and while it had been under an open-source license, the direction of the project was overseen by Meta. It is extremely