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Open Source: The OS Licensing Wars — Elastic versus Amazon

By Dick Weisinger

On January 14, Elastic announced that they are moving away from the Apache 2 OSS licensing model for Elasticsearch and Kibana. On Twitter, Elastic announced that “we are moving our Apache 2.0-licensed source code in Elasticsearch & Kibana to be

Open Source Community: Projects Wither Without Successful Maintainers

By Dick Weisinger

What makes a successful Open Source project? The software? The Community? Yes. But long term success is really only possible because of the maintainers and founders who lead and guide the project. Without them the software would never have existed

Open Source: Microsoft’s Fluid Framework Redefines Collaboration

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft has introduced Fluid Framework. It’s being positioned as Microsoft’s next-generation collaboration tool. It will provide speedy low-latency interactions with documents. The framework will be part of Microsoft 365 offerings, but it is open source and will be hosted on

Open Source: On the Wrong Side of History

By Dick Weisinger

There have been more about-face comments in the news lately from Microsoft about the good which Open Source offers. Steve Ballmer, then CEO at Microsoft, said in 2000 that “Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property

Open Source: Outdated Components Threaten Security

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software has become ubiquitous. A study by Synopsys found that 99 percent of the 1250 commercial products investigated contained at least one open source component. In fact, the average application has 445 open-source components. But the Synopsys report