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IoT and Open Source: Built-In Software Auto-Updates Could Make Devices More Secure

By Dick Weisinger

IoT devices are under attack. Many are old and use dated Open Source software that have known vulnerabilities. Once the devices are deployed, they are often forgotten, their software is seldom if ever updated, and they become easy targets for

Security: Modernizing and Securing US Infrastructure with Open Source Software and Firmware

By Dick Weisinger

The aging utility infrastructure in the US is in crisis. A lack of major investment in infrastructure over the last few decades in the US has led to overall decay in infrastructure across the board. Major bridges are decaying and

Open Source: Tracking Down Bugs in OS When Things Go Wrong

By Dick Weisinger

Google is a heavy user of Open Source software, hence they are keenly interested in tracking any bugs or vulnerabilities that might get introduced into Open Source code as updates to code in OS projects are made. Google created a

Software: Open Source Skills More Valued than Proprietary Experience

By Dick Weisinger

Companies value experience in skills with Open Source software compared to proprietary software, according to a survey of more than 3000 software developers and managers from IBM and O’Reilly Media. The survey found that: Open-Source software was used by nearly

Open Hardware: Open-Source Sharing of Hardware Specifications

By Dick Weisinger

The success of Open Source software is leading many to wonder whether a similar model would work with hardware. “Open hardware” or “open source hardware” are design and manufacturing specification that are available publicly for study, modification, and manufacturing. The