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Open Hardware: Open-Source Sharing of Hardware Specifications

By Dick Weisinger

The success of Open Source software is leading many to wonder whether a similar model would work with hardware. “Open hardware” or “open source hardware” are design and manufacturing specification that are available publicly for study, modification, and manufacturing. The

Open Source versus Open Core: Freedom versus Profits

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software is software that uses a license so that the software is free to use but which needs to be developed collaboratively. In it’s purest form, this is known as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Open Core

Open Source: It’s Free, but is it Secure?

By Dick Weisinger

All Open Source code projects are not equal. Some projects are backed by huge businesses, like IBM/RedHat, MongoDB, and Elastic, many others have just one or two contributors. As a result, the quality of open source projects spans a huge

Open Source: The OS Licensing Wars — Elastic versus Amazon

By Dick Weisinger

On January 14, Elastic announced that they are moving away from the Apache 2 OSS licensing model for Elasticsearch and Kibana. On Twitter, Elastic announced that “we are moving our Apache 2.0-licensed source code in Elasticsearch & Kibana to be

Open Source Community: Projects Wither Without Successful Maintainers

By Dick Weisinger

What makes a successful Open Source project? The software? The Community? Yes. But long term success is really only possible because of the maintainers and founders who lead and guide the project. Without them the software would never have existed