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Artificial Intelligence: Programmable Resistors Speed AI Processing

By Dick Weisinger

AI researchers increasingly are trying to improve the costs and shrink the time needed to run deep learning computations. One surprising option that is getting more interest is the development of analog processing hardware. Programmable resistors are the analog equivalent

RISC-V: An Open-Source Challenger to x86, ARM Architectures

By Dick Weisinger

RISC-V is an open-source 32-bit chip architecture that provides a small and efficient processor architecture. It is an open-source instruction set that does not require a fee to use. The project started at UC Berkeley in 2010 and now has

Advanced Chips: Technology Advances Despite a Slowing Moore’s Law

By Dick Weisinger

For 50 years, Moore’s Law has predicted that silicon chips would double in their performance and functionality every two years. This has been aided by advances in silicon lithography, allowing chips to be produced every smaller and smaller. But as

Open Source Chip Design: Lowering the Cost, but Chip Production Remains Expensive

By Dick Weisinger

The recent history of computer chips has seen the market dominated by very large market players that have invested large amounts of cash to produce ultra-miniature and highly complex semiconductors. Those industry players aren’t expected to change much in the

Semiconductors: Chip Cycle Boom and Bust Timings Accelerate

By Dick Weisinger

For the last year and one half, we’ve heard about the computer chip shortage and how it is affecting the manufacture of everything from automobiles to appliances. A move towards embedding chips into a huge variety of consumer and industrial