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Records Management: NARA Moves Closer towards All-electronic Records Management

By Dick Weisinger

The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is moving the federal government closer to using a centralized electronic records archive (ERA) system. NARA’s ERA 2.0 is their next-generation cloud-based archival system. The ERA Digital Object Repository (DOR) will maintain

Records Management: NARA Transitions Away from Paper

By Dick Weisinger

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is a United States government agency tasked with preserving government and historical records. As of 2012 the agency maintained more than 11 billion logic records. NARA is on a path to stop accepting

Robotic Records: Massively Automating Paper Storage

By Dick Weisinger

The FBI recently consolidated and modernized their records management operations. 120 linear miles of records consisting of more than two billion physical pages are being collected and moved to a location in Winchester Virginia. It will take a total of

Records Management: Classified Document Restrictions make Work from Home Difficult

By Dick Weisinger

Managing classified documents within the US federal government is expensive and challenging. A 2017 report by Nara said that “the prohibitive cost of maintaining this outdated system continues to rise. ISOO estimates that in FY 2017 the Government alone spent

Records Management: Federating All Business Records into a Single Consistent View

By Dick Weisinger

Records Management is complicated because few companies store their records in a single location. And they often use multiple content repositories, multiple business applications, and a variety of cloud and social media applications. Because records might be stored in any