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Drones as Pesticide: Bringing Sustainability to Agriculture

By Dick Weisinger

As an alternative to the use of chemical pesticides which can have harmful affects on humans and the environment, farmers are experimenting with the use of drones. Drones are being used to apply pesticides with more precision so that less

Robot Swarms: Incredible Potential for Both Good and Bad

By Dick Weisinger

A robot swarm is a collection of similar robots where each is autonomous but also able to coordinate their movement and activities with the entire group. Typically a single robot in the swarm will be equipped with environment sensors like

Robotics: Building Soft Robots to be Human Assistants

By Dick Weisinger

Robots are being designed to dexterously and safely grab onto and hold objects. The technology to do this is called ‘soft robotics’ and requires feedback circuits that determine the appropriate pressure to apply when holding the object. Historically, robots have

Robotics: Teaching Robots how to Interact with the “Theory of Intent”

By Dick Weisinger

“Theory of Intent” or “Theory of Mind” is an explanation for how humans communicate their intent through their actions and signals. Humans are instinctively able to anticipate how other humans will respond under certain conditions. This allows humans to quickly

Robotics: Moving Beyond Just the Factory Floor

By Dick Weisinger

Global spending on hardware, services and software for robotics is forecast to reach $240 billion by 2023, according to IDC. Discrete manufacturing is responsible for about half of all spending, followed by process manufacturing, resource industries, healthcare, and retail. Dan