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How Data Management Shapes Business Storage Solutions

By Dick Weisinger

Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, but managing it effectively can be a challenge. As data volumes and complexity increase, data management solutions become essential for ensuring data quality, security, and accessibility. One of the key aspects of data

ReRAM: A Revolutionary Memory Chip That Could Transform Computing

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers at the University College of London (UCL) have developed a revolutionary memory chip called ReRAM (Resistive RAM) that promises to surpass the capabilities of Flash memory in terms of speed, storage density, and power efficiency. This pure silicon oxide-based

Data Storage: DNA Microcapsules Revolutionize Archival Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Shortly, data storage will undergo a revolutionary transformation. Instead of storing data as zeros and ones on hard drives, scientists are envisioning a DNA data center that encodes information using the base pairs of DNA: AT and CG. This groundbreaking

Storage: Misconfigurations and Vulnerabilities Make Storage and Backup Environments Easy Hacking Targets

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise IT storage and backup environments are lagging considerably behind application and networking security. A 2021 study by Continuity Software analyzed data from 400 different types of enterprise storage devices obtained from customers in banking, financial services, healthcare, and elsewhere.

Computational Storage Devices: Offloading CPUs of Compute-Intense Operations

By Dick Weisinger

As the end of Moore’s Law loom just ahead, alternatives to speeding up processing are being investigated. One of those techniques is to offload computationally intensive tasks to specialized hardware. Increasingly smart storage devices are being built that not only