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Data Storage: Big Numbers Challenge Storage Managers

By Dick Weisinger

“You know, we often take big numbers for granted in the business of exploring space: light years of distance, terabytes of data, millions of pounds of thrust,” said Gaylon McSmith, Mars Odyssey Science Office Manager, after the launch of Mars

Cloud Storage: Cloud Becoming Primary Storage for Backup and Recovery

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud storage is threatening to overtake traditional on-premise storage spending.  Research from the Enterprise Storage Forum found that while nearly 40 percent of companies say that HDD storage continues to be their primary storage data media, the number of businesses

Storage Trends: Businesses Prefer Cloud Storage

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud is now the dominant form for storage, according to a 2018 survey by the Enterprise Storage Forum.  68 percent of businesses are using the cloud for some of their storage needs, and the cloud is the top choice

Storage: Sales Spike as Demand to Keep up with Data Growth Soars

By Dick Weisinger

One sure signal that huge amounts of data are being collected is the growth that’s being seen in the storage market.  IDC reports that revenues in the storage market increased by 34 percent to $13 billion during Q1 2018.  The

Storage: Storage Class Memory Devices to Become More Common in 2018

By Dick Weisinger

A new type of storage is expected to be used more commonly in computing devices this year: Storage Class Memory (SCM) or persisent memory (PM).  From a software perspective, SCM works like system memory does today but it has the