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DNA Digital Data Storage: The DNA of Things

By Dick Weisinger

DNA is nature’s method of data storage. New Scientist estimates that 1 gram of DNA could hold up to 455 exabytes of data, more than all the data currently held by Google and Facebook combined. DNA is highly compact and

Computational Storage: Intelligently Clearing IoT Storage Bottlenecks

By Dick Weisinger

Computational storage is the processing data directly at the time of capture in the storage layer. Standard computer architecture simply stores data in the storage layer. This new architecture requires local processors and RAM that process, transform and store data.

Storage: Chemical and Biological Data Storage

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers are finding that data can be embedded into molecules or even DNA. For example, DNA strands allow for very dense storage of data. Catalog, a biotech company in Boston, recently announced that they were able to encode 16GB of

Data Storage: Big Numbers Challenge Storage Managers

By Dick Weisinger

“You know, we often take big numbers for granted in the business of exploring space: light years of distance, terabytes of data, millions of pounds of thrust,” said Gaylon McSmith, Mars Odyssey Science Office Manager, after the launch of Mars

Cloud Storage: Cloud Becoming Primary Storage for Backup and Recovery

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud storage is threatening to overtake traditional on-premise storage spending.  Research from the Enterprise Storage Forum found that while nearly 40 percent of companies say that HDD storage continues to be their primary storage data media, the number of businesses