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Coding: Do JS Frameworks Have a Future?

By Dick Weisinger

React, Vue, Angular, Backbone, and Ember. These are just a few of the available front-end Javascript frameworks for developing web pages. JS frameworks help developers create modular code that has a lot of built-in features that improve user experience.

But one problem with web frameworks is their complexity and continual churn in popularity. The hottest and most popular framework available today may lose popularity quickly in favor of some new technology that is hyped tomorrow. Projects that start today and sink an investment in one JS framework may regret their choice just a few years later when the project application needs to be enhanced or maintained by developers that are no longer that interested in working with an older technology.

But the basic tools of browsers have improved over the last decade. Javascript itself has evolved. Modern browsers now use Javascript ES6 which makes it possible to create modular Javascript and HTML. Web components are another feature of ES6 that allow developers to define new HTML tags and encapsulate HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Daniel Kehoe, former Ruby-on-Rails consultant and author, now advises that developers should “build your website using standard HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. It will never stop working (no obsolescence; web browsers are always backward compatible). You’ll be able to deploy and host your website anywhere (no software platform to install or get old). Any web developer will be able to work with you. And finally, the effort of learning to use the platform is evergreen (you won’t have to learn a new framework every few years).”

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One comment on “Coding: Do JS Frameworks Have a Future?
  1. Daniel Kehoe says:

    Just saw this! Glad you found my article worth quoting. Six months since I’ve written the article and there’s a slow growing awareness that web components have great value. Still, many developers will spin up create-react-app to build the simplest web app.

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