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Technology: Web Innovation in the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

A recent survey by InformationWeek identified the top 500 IT shops and the ways in which those IT groups are introducing innovation into their organizations.  37 percent of these companies said that in 2009 new IT-led products and services were held as a priority within their organizations, nearly the same number that responded that way in 2008.

These top organizations were asked which new Web-based tools and technologies that they have or are currently being adopted.

Here’s how they responded:

78% — Wikis, blogs, or social networking tools for internal collaboration
62% — Hosted collaborative applications (calendaring, spreadsheets, document management)
61% — Software as a Service
42% — Mashups that combine web, enterprise content, and applications in new ways
42% — Wikis, blogs, or social networking for external collaboration
37% — Storage or other cloud computing services
25% — Consumer-oriented applications that employees find useful

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