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Enterprise Software: Picking up Momentum

By Dick Weisinger

The Enterprise Software market spending is expect to reach $457 billion globally in 2019, according to SDRC. Hot Enterprise Software categories include digital transformation and custom solutions. A recent article by Alex Williams, publisher of the New Stack, for TechCrunch

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP Reinvents Itself in the Age of the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are changing. ERP software has long had a reputation for being massive in its reach across the enterprise, notorious for its one-system-to-rule-them-all approach. But the cloud is changing that as businesses migrate their IT operations

ERP: Business Plan Migration to Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market has been around for about 40 years. Last year, in 2018, the market size surpassed $35 billion, according to Gartner. While SAP and Oracle still are the market leaders in ERP, the entire software

API Pitfalls: Tips for Avoiding Them

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly every major software product or website now offers some sort of developer APIs that enable interaction and customizations. All major tech vendors like Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and Amazon offer a public API set for developers. Even newspapers, like

Linux: IBM Tries to Regain Relevance with Purchase of Red Hat

By Dick Weisinger

IBM recently announced acquisition of Red Hat for $34 billion.  That is the biggest deal ever for IBM and the third biggest tech acquisition ever.  RED Hat will become a unit of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud division which current Red Hat