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Security: Big Data and Machine Learning Poised to Disrupt Legacy SEIM Market

By Dick Weisinger

SEIM — Security Information and Event Management — is software that helps businesses identify details behind cyber security threats. SEIM provides real-time data about network activity. It examines log and event data generated by servers, applications and security devices. Possible

Microservices: Provides Benefits of Resiliency and Incremental Upgradability

By Dick Weisinger

Globally, the microservices market is estimated to grow 24 percent over the next five years by Report Consultant. Microservices is the building of applications and larger services from many loosely coupled services that serve as data and computing resources for

Internet: 99% of Data is in the Sea, not the Cloud: Underwater Cabling

By Dick Weisinger

There are more than 1.2 billion kilometers of submarine cables circling the globe, transmitting internet data. About 97 percent of all intercontinental data is transferred by underwater cables. The cables enable people to connect to the internet globally — now

Augmented and Virtual Reality: Widespread Use Expected by 2025

By Dick Weisinger

Augmented and Virtual Reality is on track to become as ubiquitous as mobile devices by 2025, according to a survey by Perkins Coie of 200 startup founders. Tipatat Chennavasin, general partner at Venture Reality Fund , said that “the idea

Lidar: Fine-Grained Laser-based Imaging and Measurement Tool

By Dick Weisinger

Lidar, a method for laser imaging and measurement, was first invented in the 1960s. The term Lidar is a combination of the words ‘laser’ and ‘radar’, and the technique is a method for accurately calculating distances. It is common now