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Skills Half Life: Businesses Struggle to Keep Employee Skills Relevant

By Dick Weisinger

PwC recently released a report detailing the struggles many businesses are having trying to get their employees up to speed with digital technologies.  Less than half of businesses feel that they have enough savvy to be able to successfully use

Technology and Computing: Google Challenges Nvidia with TPU Chip

By Dick Weisinger

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are specialized computer chips that are designed to be able to handle large-scale parallel processing.  Nvidia first introduced the concept of GPUs in 1999 for use in video cards to quickly display images on PCs.  Since then, the

Data Centers: Growth of the Cloud Deflates On-Premise Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

While growth of data centers at the large cloud vendors is growing dramatically, on-premise data centers are down-sizing, consolidating, hollowing out, or being completely shut down. 2015 was the peak for the number of global data centers, according to IDC.

Software Development: Small Groups Write Better Code

By Dick Weisinger

Small groups of programmers tend to produce the most secure code, compared to programmer groups of more than 20 contributors, according to the 2017 CRASH Report.  But the problem is that when software grows big, small groups of developers can’t

Tieto and Formtek Team to Offer Alfresco-Based Engineering Data Management Solutions in Europe

By Dick Weisinger

Formtek, Inc., a leading provider of document and content management software and services, announced today that it has signed a Partnership Agreement with Tieto. Tieto is an IT Software and Services Company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. With approximately 14,000 employees