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Security: Venture Capital Flows to Security Startups in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Where are venture capitalists investing their dollars in 2019? With the avalanche of breaches and security issues in 2018, security is now a hot area for startup investments. Thomas Weithman, managing director of CIT GAP Funds, said that “we expect

Off-Premise Computing: State of Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Google’s Eric Schmidt first introduced the term “Cloud Computing” in 2006. Now, thirteen years later, the term is ubiquitous. What next for the cloud? Flexera recently created a survey of the state of cloud computing. The 786 businesses that responded

Artificial Intelligence: Applying Calculus to Advance Neuron Network Calculations

By Dick Weisinger

Calculus ruled for hundreds of years after it was introduced in the seventeen century as a primary tool for explaining physics and the world around us. But, while math remains important, it has taken a back seat over the last

Blockchain 2019: Entering a More Rational and Mature Phase

By Dick Weisinger

Cryptocurrencies made big news in 2017 and 2018. 2017 saw an explosion of cryptocurrency prices and investor speculation. They were a modern day tulip mania. 2018 started the year with peak prices for cryptocurrencies that plunged throughout the year, down

Software Defined Perimeter: Filling the Gaps of VPN Security Problems

By Dick Weisinger

A Black Cloud may be coming to many cloud sites. A “Black Cloud” or “Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)” is a need-to-know security model. Infrastructure is hidden or “black” and does not reveal DNS or IP information. Software Defined Perimeters are