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Moore’s Law — No, It’s Dead!

By Dick Weisinger

Intel’s Jim Keller thinks that there’s still life in Moore’s law, but there are doubters. Moore’s law is that the number of components on an integrated circuit will double every two years. Victor Peng, CEO Xilinx, said that “Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law: 5 Decades Later, It Keeps on Going

By Dick Weisinger

Moore’s law is that the number of transistors in a semiconductor chip will double about every 24 months. It was an observation that Gordon Moore, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and later CEO of Intel, made in 1965. The rule held

Data Prep: The 80% Drudge Factor Holding Back Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out — simply means that data analysis and decision making based on poor raw data or information will necessarily result in a flawed analysis. The need for accurate data is increasingly important as businesses adopt

Haptics: Devices Providing Tactile Feedback

By Dick Weisinger

Haptics. That’s the tactile or vibrational feedback devices give off to provide signals to the user. Haptics simulate what it might be to touch or feel something in real life, and increasingly, with newer devices, the range of feedback is

Supercomputing at the Edge: High-Performance Mobile Computing

By Dick Weisinger

IT is moving towards the use of containers, like Docker. But vendors like IBM and HP have a plan to use real containers, shipping-container sized unites, that are stuffed with a supercomputer hardware and are mobile enough to be deployed