Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industry is noted for developing products and delivering services that address the most challenging technical issues in engineering. The industry’s sophisticated research and development, and manufacturing facilities deliver these products and services to governments around the world. Although this industry is required to control security of information and content that they create at the highest standards, it is also an industry that collaborates internationally with competitors, partners and governments.

Formtek has in-depth experience and understanding of the issues and requirements that the Aerospace and Defense industry must address. Formtek | Orion is used in environments where team members are geographically dispersed throughout the United States and throughout the world and support tens of thousands of users accessing millions of objects. Formtek has a proven track record of providing effective information management solutions to the Aerospace and Defense industry and of having its customers generate significant return on investment in the process.

Formtek | Orion products and solutions are designed to meet the rigorous requirements and standards to which the Aerospace and Defense industry must adhere for managing information. Formtek | Orion provides the means to segment or group content to control access at very granular levels as the data becomes available for Intranet and Internet collaboration. Access controls are available at all lifecycle stages as information is processed through the unique and complex processes required by the Aerospace and Defense industry. Formtek | Orion products and solutions ensure that the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

Formtek | Orion products and solutions are open systems that operate on industry standard platforms. As Aerospace and Defense programs each require different IT environments to satisfy program objectives, Formtek’s configurable implementation capabilities and open systems approach allows Formtek | Orion to be seamlessly integrated into these diverse environments. Formtek’s open systems approach also provides for seamless integration with other business and engineering applications and solutions that support operations.