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Big Data: Automotive Data Collection and Analytics is Big Business

By Dick Weisinger

The market size of Big Data has gotten too big. Increasingly analyst reports are breaking Big Data into smaller market segments and creating separate reports for segments of the total Big Data space, like for “Automotive Big Data“, “Manufacturing Big

Big Data: Applying Geometry to Understand Data Sets

By Dick Weisinger

Think data and you think about statistics and numerical algorithms that process and squeeze data for information. Computer scientists and number crunchers reign in this world while advanced mathematical techniques are often sidelined. One area of mathematics, topology and advanced

Artificial Intelligence: Chaos at the Speed of Digital

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics are all being hyped as must-have technologies for businesses that want to succeed. While there are high rates of adoption of the technologies, that doesn’t necessarily apply to management. A report from Vuealta and

Big Data and Analytics 2019: Five Trends

By Dick Weisinger

There is little disagreement among analyst groups that the Big Data and Analytics market is big and growing rapidly. Forrester says that Big Data software had revenues of $31 billion in 2018. IDC estimates that revenues from Big Data and

Big Data: Trend Toward Cloud-Native Self-Service Big Data Platforms

By Dick Weisinger

Of 400 IT and data professionals recently surveyed by Qubole about how they are using Big Data, 40 percent work in organizations that exceed 100 terabytes. Those organizations clearly can be classified as handling Big Data. Highlights of Qubole’s report on