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Big Data: The Power and Pitfalls of a Data-Driven World

By Dick Weisinger

In just two years, a mind-boggling 90% of the world’s data has been generated, flooding internet companies with an ocean of information. This surge in data, known as “Big Data,” presents both exciting opportunities and daunting challenges. Big Data has

AI + Big Data: Speeding Scientific Discovery

By Dick Weisinger

Scientists now are able to collect massive amounts of data for use in studying phenomona anywhere from the microscopic to the reaches of our galaxy. But quickly and efficiently processing huge amounts of data is still beyond the reach of

Big Data, Graph Theory and Beyond: The Complexity of Data Interrelationships

By Dick Weisinger

Graph Theory provides mathematical structure for analyzing connections, relationships, and the strengths of those bonds. Google’s PageRank algorithm introduced twenty years ago is an example of a successful application of graph theory. The original Google PageRank algorithm looked at which

Big Data: Scanning Radio Astronomic Data for ET

By Dick Weisinger

SETI@home (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life), a 20-year old experiment to search for life beyond our earth, was retired at the end of March. The idea for the project was first conceived in 1995 by computer scientist David Gedye and ultimately

Simulation: Modeling the World to Understand and Improve It

By Dick Weisinger

Computer simulation has been used for decades to understand and predict complex interactions. As computers have grow increasingly powerful so have the capabilities of simulation. Alex Chadwick, computer scientist from Cambridge University, said that between 1970 and the early 2000s