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Compliance and Data Security: Seemingly No End to Lurking Problems That Threaten Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

It’s a tendency of human nature not to worry about problem prevention until after a problem hits, and by that time it’s too late. Ben DiPietro, reporter at the Wall Street Journal, recently collected the results of a number of

Information Governance: Many Records Management Programs Suffer from Large Gaps

By Dick Weisinger

A majority of Records Management (RM) and Information Governance (IG) programs now in place lack the key elements that are needed in order to be effective.  That’s a conclusion of a report sponsored by AIIM, ARMA, Iron Mountain and Cohasset Associates.

Records Management: Federal IT: Budget Woes Stall Progress in Modernization of Government Records Management

By Dick Weisinger

Today is the signup deadline for Obamacare health plans that will begin New Year’s Day.  But another deadline is looming  in another part of the goverment, one that is due next week, December 31st:  the Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records. As

Records Managements: Slowly, Federal Agencies are Achieving Improved Records Handling

By Dick Weisinger

NARA, the National Archives for managing federal records, now maintains more than 12 billion pages of physical records, 42 million photographs, and 500 terabytes of electronic records. The 40 main federal government agencies will be expected to manage 20.4 billion records

Records Management: Periodic Assessments and Audits can Improve RM Programs

By Dick Weisinger

A report by Canon Business Process Services, “On the Record: Is Your Organization’s Record’s Management Program Providing High Value or High Risk?”, looked at how a records management program contributes to “effective governance, risk management, litigation preparedness, reputation protection and