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Security: 95 Percent of US Public Companies Have Been Hacked

By Dick Weisinger

Data breaches have become a common occurrence.  Almost everyone in the US has been a target of one or knows someone who has.  Companies are slowly realizing potential loss of revenues and reputation that can occur as a result of

Cloud Computing: Security isn’t a Problem, but Using Clouds in a Secure Way Is

By Dick Weisinger

The market size of the cloud services sector is expected to increase 17.2 percent in 2016 from $178 billion last year to $208.6 billion this year, according to a recent third-quarter report by Gartner.  Businesses are primarily being driven by

Obsolete Technology: Holding Back Greater Productivity and Efficiencies

By Dick Weisinger

While some businesses are continually on the cusp of adopting ever newer technologies, there are many businesses at the opposite end of the curve.  Some government systems offer examples of systems that are still in operation but are decades past

Unstructured Data: A Goldmine of Information Waiting to be Mined

By Dick Weisinger

Unstructured data refers to documents and files made up of freeform information. Information from unstructured data is difficult to retrieve because it is typically dense in text and has no pre-defined data model like a database schema, XML or JSON

CSAIL and Computing: Faster WiFi and Routers. Faster Analytics.

By Dick Weisinger

The introduction of the internet brought with it a much more rapid software and hardware development cycle than had been seen before.  The new rapid development cycle referred to new features being rolled out at ‘Internet Speed‘.  Over the last