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Enterprise Content Management: SharePoint Adoption Continues to Lag Expectations

By Dick Weisinger

Despite the fact that 75 percent of organizations that are currently using Microsoft SharePoint say that they have a strong commitment to get value from the platform, only 11 percent of businesses that use it say that their implementation has

Big Data: Choosing ‘Medium’ Instead of ‘Big’ When ‘Right-Sizing’ Your Data

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data is the rage, but the reality now is that most businesses really don’t have data sets that large to be classified as ‘Big Data’. Gartner analysts Merv Adrian and Nick Huedecker note that Hadoop and Big Data projects have been ”slow to grow

Cloud Computing: Executives Turn to the Cloud to Achieve Business Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud market is expected to grow from its $58 billion market size in 2013 to more than $191 billion by 2020, based on Forrester data presented in a recent KPGM report. How are businesses using the cloud to achieve

Containers: “Build Once, Run Anywhere” Technology a Boon for Application Services

By Dick Weisinger

Containers are next-generation technology for packaging, deploying and running applications.  While not a direct substitute for virtual machines, they provide a better solution for the use case of creating an environment where an isolated application run.  Containers package applications in

SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Convergence of new technologies.  IDC calls it the ‘Third Platform’.  Gartner refers to the “Nexus of Forces“.  Forrester talks about the Mobile Mind Shift.  Yet another term or buzzword, and one that is used frequently by CapGemini,   is SMAC