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Software Defined Storage: Cloud and Virtualization Spending Trump Big Data

By Formtek

Despite significant hype, very little funding is being set aside for Big Data, Object Storage and OpenStack by businesses, according to a recent survey by Datacore — 2015 The State of Software-Defined Storage.  Instead, businesses are funding initiatives like virtualization, private

Cloud Computing: Cloud Transforms Shop Floor Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

“A central force in manufacturing innovation is the emergence of cloud technology,” is the conclusion of a white paper by Plex called The State of Manufacturing Technology. The report found that “the ability to connect and manage all the resources on

Human Machine Interface (HMI): The Art of Making Technology Easy

By Dick Weisinger

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) combine hardware and software to assist humans to better interact with automated systems.  Examples of HMI are humans controlling automated vehicles and interacting with plant floor automation.  In a plant control environment, for example, HMI systems

Technology: Internet Addresses Running on Low

By Dick Weisinger

A serious pinch to the every expanding internet is expected to hit this summer.  The supply of Internet Protocol addresses has been dwindling and will totally dry up this summer.  An IP address is a short series of numbers with

Cloud-based Data Warehousing: Snowflake, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Redshift

By Dick Weisinger

Data warehousing traditionally required a company to extract and download huge volumes of data from various business software systems into a central repository for analysis.  The process to prep the data was slow which meant that the analysis was always run against