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BlockChain and Insurance: Decentralizing Ledgers to make Claims Processing more Efficient

By Dick Weisinger

Banks and finance companies are already actively exploring the blockchain technology.  In early 2017, for example, more than 30 companies, like Accenture, BP, BNY, Mellon, Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, and UBS teamed up in an alliance calle the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SuperComputing: Racing Against China to Build an Exaflop Speed Computer

By Dick Weisinger

The Department of Energy has awarded six US computer companies $258 million to research the development of a large super-fast computing system.  The grants support research in the areas of hardware, software and application development. The six companies are: AMD, Cray,

IT Automation: Enabling Faster Time to Market with Decreased Downtimes

By Dick Weisinger

Automating IT and cloud services is helping top-performing companies further improve their efficiency. A study sponsored by Puppet found a strong correlation between high productivity and high adoption of IT automation tools.  The highest performing organizations, for example, automate nearly

Cloud Computing: SMBs Find Benefits in Hybrid Cloud Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly reports are showing that businesses are choosing the public cloud over hybrid cloud options.  But a recent report by Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that hybrid cloud, at least for now, is bringing real value to many medium and

Skills Half Life: Businesses Struggle to Keep Employee Skills Relevant

By Dick Weisinger

PwC recently released a report detailing the struggles many businesses are having trying to get their employees up to speed with digital technologies.  Less than half of businesses feel that they have enough savvy to be able to successfully use