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Data Virtualization: Abstracting Cloud and On-Premise Data into a Single Logical Access Point

By Dick Weisinger

Data virtualization is a method that allows the administration and access to heterogeneous sources of data as if they were a single source.  At the core of data virtualization is the abstraction layer that provides a unified access to disparate

Cloud Computing: Businesses Prefer Hybrid Cloud Approach with strong Private Cloud Component

By Dick Weisinger

As businesses move towards a cloud architecture, private clouds appear to have the edge.  While businesses said that internal cloud solutions were their preference, 80 percent said that they’re considering adopting a hybrid cloud approach.  The Open Data Center Alliance

Automation: Robots Step up to Take on Repetitive Business Process Tasks

By Dick Weisinger

Can your job be eliminated by automation?  One report finds that 47 percent of today’s jobs will be vulnerable over the next few years. Robots are often used to automate manufacturing processes, but robots and software are also increasingly being

Construction Industry: After Lagging, Construction Businesses See Benefits of Technology

By Dick Weisinger

The construction industry has come in last place when compared to other industries in spending on technology, based on the last four years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) of research by Gartner.  But this may be changing. A recent report by JBKnowledge

3D Printing: Breakthrough Technology Enables Commercial-Quality Game-Changing Speeds

By Dick Weisinger

Carbon3D, recently announced a new technique that leapfrogs existing 3D printing technology to be able to create 3D objects 25-100 times faster and of geometries significantly more complex than what is possible with existing 3D printing technologies. The new process