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Cloud Computing: Public Cloud Gains Momentum. Azure Stumbles.

By Dick Weisinger

Use of cloud computing has become the norm for most businesses.  According to the Interop ITX 2016 State of Cloud Computing Survey, 70 percent of businesses are using SaaS, 57 percent are using IaaS, and 44 percent use PaaS. 15

Shadow Analytics: Quicker Results, but Often at the of Cost Creating Non-Secure Siloed Data

By Dick Weisinger

Shadow IT refers to the use of apps and external IT services without consulting internal IT resources.  It’s an end-run approach that many departments are increasingly using when they feel that traditional IT “help” just gets in their way.  Increasingly,

Cyber Security: Free Software Foundation Now Ranks Security as a Top Priority

By Dick Weisinger

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has recently updated a list of priorities of projects that they recommend developers consider. The FSF press release said that “the High Priority Projects initiative, first launched in 2005, draws attention to a relatively small number

Robotics: Businesses to Welcome Chief Robotic Officers (CRO) to their Executive Staff

By Dick Weisinger

The commercial and industrial combined robotic market is on track to be worth more than $188 billion by 2020, according to IDC.  More than half of robots being deployed are in the discrete manufacturing sector. John Santagate, research manager of

IT Budgets: Political Uncertainty Causes 2017 IT Spending Estimates to be Trimmed

By Dick Weisinger

Global IT spending is expected to reach $3.46 trillion in 2017, a 2.7 percent increase over 2016, according to a report by Gartner.  But that estimate is a downward revision over previous 2017 estimates, and it follows up from two