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Cloud Computing: Complexity Crisis Brewing for Enterprises Using Cloud Computing

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud makes It and computing simple right?  No infrastructure to manage. No upgrades. Crank it up or crank it down based on your needs.  The cloud is supposed to make computing efficient and easy. The problem is that for

Tech Suppliers for the Cloud: Time to Take a Breath

By Dick Weisinger

Financial forecasts from hardware suppliers for cloud vendors hint slowing growth for the cloud, according to a report by Bloomberg. Some of the near-term challenges for ever-expanding cloud growth include the following: Reports from memory chip manufacturers, like Western Digital,

Open Data: Data May Not Be Open, But is it FAIR?

By Dick Weisinger

Governments and academics are increasingly opening up their data sets for the research community.  A survey by Figshare found organizations increasingly opening up the data which they acquire. But more importantly, more organizations sharing data are providing that data according

Business Models: Product Roadmap Planning Trumps One-Off Project Plans

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are re-envisioning how IT is being modeled to support their organizations.  Rather than one-off  projects, businesses instead are developing long-range views based on evolving product road maps. Kasey Panetta, Brand Content Manager at Gartner, said that “projects tend to happen

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies:

By Dick Weisinger

Cognitive technology attempts to mimic the functioning on the human brain by using language processing, deep learning, computer vision, data mining and pattern recognition. A recent report from Deloitte on cognitive technologies looks at how businesses are adopting them.  Of