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Big Data: Insights into Crowd Thinking and Cashing in on the Stock Market

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers at the Warwick Business School have found a connection between search engine trends and real life decision making.  The results are similar to earlier research that tries to predict the scale of the outbreak of the flu or the popularity

CyberSecurity: Businesses Insuring Against Breaches and Hacks

By Dick Weisinger

As reports grow of the number of businesses being hacked and the losses of customer and company proprietary information increase, the interest that businesses have in protecting themselves with cyberinsurance is increasing. Cyberinsurance policies can cover things like the loss

3D Printing: Amazon and Staples Help Promote Printing Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Global shipments of 3D printers is expected to increase by 75 percent in 2014 and then in 2014 it is expected to double.  By 2030 Strategy Analytics conservatively predicts that the 3D printing industry can become a $70 billion per-year

IT Business: CIOs Get No Respect

By Dick Weisinger

A majority of business leaders think that their IT departments are more of a burden than a help, according to the survey results taken by Forrester of 3500 executives.  CIOs are considered to be gatekeepers; they’re not seen as innovators

Enterprise Software: Making Every Company a Software Company

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are looking to software to help grow their businesses.  Running modern software can be the ticket to innovation and competitive advantage.  A study by CA Technologies found that businesses running modern software had shorter product cycles and were able