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Artificial Intelligence (AI): DeepMind Leapfrogs from Playing Games to Optimizing UK’s Countrywide Power Grid

By Dick Weisinger

DeepMind is a technology from a UK-based technology startup that Google acquired in 2014.  DeepMind tries to combine machine learning and system neuroscience into general algorithms that can be used for learning. Initially DeepMind was developed and prototyped simply to

SaaS Pricing: AI and Improved Software Favor Usage-Pricing Over Seat-Based Pricing

By Dick Weisinger

There is increasing demand for usage-based or consumption-based SaaS software pricing.  Usage-based pricing lets users see their exact usage and typically provides a much affordable path for businesses that how software needs that are limited or infrequently occurring. Laurie Wurster,

Big Data Analytics (BDA): Analytics Capable of Enhancing and Optimizing Processes Across Many Industries

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data Analytics (BDA) is expected to reach more than $150 billion in global revenues in 2017, an increase of more than 12 percent compared to 2016, according to IDC. Dan Vesset, group vice president of analytics and information management at

Internet of Things (IoT): Businesses to Spend Nearly $1 Trillion on IoT in 2017

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are increasingly using the Internet of Things (IoT). A recent survey by Gartner found that about one third of IoT applications are driven by businesses; the remaining two thirds are consumer driven. Popular applications include smart buildings, automotive and healthcare.

Future of the Internet: Misinformation and Loss of Control of Personal Data Pose Threats

By Dick Weisinger

Twenty-eight years after proposing and then prototyping the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has posted a warning about dangers that are potentially destabilizing the technology. His three main worries are: Loss of control of personal data Consumers have lost control of their personal