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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Transforming the Manufacturing Process

By Dick Weisinger

Manufacturing is in the process of being transformed by technology.  Business models are changing along with underlying business processes.  Those businesses that are able to make the change have seen average increases of 28.5 percent of their revenues according to

AI and Machine Learning: Cognitive Systems Create Insights and Improved Quality For Banking and Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are two of the top technology trends for 2017 according to Gartner.  These technologies are expected to be integrated into everything from small devices, to software products and services, for both consumers and businesses.

Blockchain: Unexpectedly Quick Adoption by Banking and Finance

By Dick Weisinger

Banks are taking blockchain, a digital public ledger not even ten years old, very seriously.  90 percent of US, UK and European banks are investigating the technology, according to research by Accenture.  US banks have been especially active. JP Morgan, Wells

Digital Object Architecture: Long Term Persistence of Information

By Dick Weisinger

If you’ve ever run into browser 404 errors — “Page does not exist” — when browsing the internet and coming across a news article or page that existed maybe a year or two ago but has since been removed, you

Enterprise IT Infrastructure: Hyperconvergence Consolidates Infrastructure into a Single Hardware Box

By Dick Weisinger

A complete enterprise network packaged in a box.  That’s sort of what a technology called hyper-convergence infrastructure (HCI) is promising.  It is a single hardware box that can be bought in commodity that integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources.