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Isomorphic Javascript: Searchable, Less-Bloated Web Development

By Dick Weisinger

Isomorphic Javascript is a web development design choice that uses Javascript as the primary language no both client and server.  The use of Isomorphic Javascript allows code sharing between both the frontend and backend of the app. Isomorphic Javascript stands

Data Governance: Strategically Managing Risk and Complying with Regulations and Deadlines

By Dick Weisinger

Data governance is the process of quality control for data.  Governance ensures that data that was entered and collected meets specific standards, integrity constraints, and the rules and regulations to which the organization is bound. It is estimated that the

Cloud Computing and Security: Enterprises Do an About-Face and Embrace Public Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few years the majority of businesses have done an about face on their thinking about the public cloud.  Security fears had led many to pursue implementing of private cloud infrastructure.  A new report from Intel Security says

Emerging Technology: Dark Analytics for Understanding Unstructured Data Tops List

By Dick Weisinger

Extracting and analyzing unstructured data to derive actionable information is ranked by Deloitte as the most important on-going emerging technology, something that they are calling “Dark Analytics“. The Deloitte report found that “in a business climate where data is competitive currency,

Blockchain: Bringing Disruption to the Financial Industry

By Dick Weisinger

The financial industry has worries about the potential impact that blockchain can have on the financial industry and, more specifically, their business. According to a recent survey of financial industry executives, Synechron found that: 89 percent said that they expect