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Early Technology Adopters: Taking Risks That Often Have Big Payoffs

By Dick Weisinger

Do your business a favor and become an early tech adopter.  That’s the advice of a report published in Harvard Business Review (HBR).  Early technology adopters tend to be more successful businesses with high revenue growth and solid market position.

PLM: PLM International Research Foundation

By Dick Weisinger

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the complete lifecycle of a product.  The PLM lifecycle includes the steps of design, manufacture, service and disposal of the product. In 2004, the global industry group for PLM practitioners, known

Data Analytics/BigPanda: Enabling Even More Effective Data Center Scale-Ups by Applying Data Science

By Dick Weisinger

Data centers have changed dramatically over the last decade.  In many cases, while the number of servers and overall complexity of the data center have grown dramatically, the size of the IT staff that’s managing the center hasn’t changed at

Storage: Enterprise Hard Disk Drives Lose Out to Consumer Ones

By Dick Weisinger

Think that all hard drives are just a commodity and brand doesn’t really matter?  Or that if you’re willing to spend more for quality that it’s better to buy ‘enterprise ready’ drives as opposed to ‘consumer’ ones? That may not

Data Centers: Ripe for Dramatic Changes

By Dick Weisinger

Data Center spending is expected to exceed $143 billion this year.  And with huge growth of applications and infrastructure moving to the cloud, the future of data center spending looks rosy.  But Gartner warns that the rosy expectations are likely