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Android Mobile: OpenJDK to Power Future Versions of the Mobile OS

By Dick Weisinger

The next major release of Android, Android N, will be based on Oracle’s OpenJDK instead of the Apache Harmony “clean room” implementation of Java.  Many speculate that the change comes as a result of the lawsuit against Google by Oracle.  OpenJDK

Internet of Things (IoT): Smart Cities, Commercial Buildings and Homes are Major Early IoT Adopters

By Dick Weisinger

Smart City IoT devices are expected to increase in number by nearly 40 percent this year, reaching 1.6 billion devices, according to Gartner.  Devices used as part of building information management systems are driving the growth.  The building devices include

Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Vendor Disruption, Content Analytics and Cloud Top ECM Trends for 2016

By Dick Weisinger

An recent Ovum report looked at enterprise content management (ECM) trends to look for in 2016.  These included: Disruption among major ECM vendors, especially for solution-based products Increased use of content analytics Records management and e-discovery to continue to be

Security Breaches: Experts Agree That Anyone or Any Company Can Be a Target — No Data is Totally Safe

By Dick Weisinger

Companies are increasingly becoming targets of cyber security attacks.  These are the results of a report from the Association of Corporate Counsel.  The report surveyed more than 1000 company in-house lawyers across 30 countries for their perspectives on data security. The

Software-Defined Everything (SDx): Using Software as the Platform for Building Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

Marc Andreessen said that “software is eating the world”.   Software is becoming the controlling factor for how almost everything works. In 2015 we saw the continued rise of software with the emergence of technologies like the Software-Defined Network (SDN), Software-Defined Storage (SDS), and the Software-defined