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Big Data/Hadoop: Death to the Data Warehouse?

By Dick Weisinger

There’s a war on now between traditional enterprise data warehousing (EDW) versus Big Data analytics, particularly tools powered by Hadoop.  Data warehousing is losing out as businesses become overwhelmed with data.  Pulling all data into a single monolithic database and

Business Collaboration: 2015 will be the Year of Enterprise Productivity

By Dick Weisinger

Today’s mobile collaboration just isn’t there yet.  Rather than aligning with overall business needs, today’s business mobile apps are focused more on personal productivity and task efficiency.  That’s based on the results of a survey by enterprise mobile collaboration firm

Big Data: Growth Slows a Bit, but Continues to Barrel Along

By Dick Weisinger

The Big Data technology and services market is expected to grow 26.4 percent annually through 2018 when it will reach a size of $41.5 billion, says IDC.  That’s roughly six times the growth rate of the overall average of the

Adaptive Intelligence: Optimizing Data to Maximize Business Value

By Dick Weisinger

About one year ago Forrester named the top technologies trends for 2014.  Number five on their list was about businesses adopting analytics by apply adaptive intelligence. Just what is adaptive intelligence, and what impact has it had during the course

Cybersecurity: Costs for Responding to Security Breaches Spikes

By Dick Weisinger

As the waves of cyber breaches continue to grow in strength, the associated costs of trying to defend against them and the costs of cleaning up after a breach occurs are continuing to grow. Responding to security breaches are expensive.