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Commercial Open Source: Better Rankings for Cost, Quality, Security and Control

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source is no longer just about getting low-cost or free software. Rob Howard, Zimbra CTO, said that “open source provides way more benefit than cost savings alone. Open source delivers on quality and control; it empowers IT to make an impact

Storage: Will Huge Data Volumes Ultimately Crush our Capacity for Data Storage?

By Dick Weisinger

In 2013 the world produced 3.5 zettabytes.  By 2020 that will increase to 44 zetabytes.  Are we in danger of not having enough storage capacity to hold all that data?  One storage industry veteran thinks so. When asked what the

Big Data and Analytics: Advanced Analytics Still Mostly Done with Small Data Sets

By Dick Weisinger

40 percent of large businesses are using advanced analytics today, but only half that number say that the type of analytics jobs that they run are driven by Big Data.    One third of businesses say that Big Data has

Flash Storage: Shift to Solid State Shakes Up Storage industry

By Dick Weisinger

Technology on all fronts is changing rapidly, and storage is no exception.  2014 saw increasing innovation, but often coming more from startups and smaller storage companies than from the established names like EMC, NetApp and Juniper. Rob Commins, vice president

3D Printing: Imagine it and then Build it

By Dick Weisinger

Imagine it and then you can  make it with 3D printing.  Or at least that’s the goal of the technology.  And the technology is making steady strides towards realizing that goal.  The technology is becoming increasingly more cost effective (at