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Augmented Software Development (ASD): Working with Bots That Code

By Dick Weisinger

There are programmers who work with AI, and now, analysts like Gartner predict that it won’t be long until there are programmers assisted by AI, Augmented Software Developers. Mark Driver, Research Vice President at Gartner, said that “we predict that,

Robotics: Adoption Accelerates as Business Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

By Dick Weisinger

As businesses seek to save money and become more productive they’re increasingly turning to robots. AI and ML is being applied to robots, making robots smarter and more capable. Robots are being used in manufacturing, automotives, electronics, healthcare, and retail.

Robots as a Service (RaaS): Enabling Robotics for Businesses of all Sizes

By Dick Weisinger

Robots as a Service (RaaS) is a cloud-based service that leases robotic services, and combines robotics with AI and cloud computing. Robotic cloud services will provide the centralized control and connection of robots that may be working in different warehouses,

Alternative Energies: The Timeline is Compressing

By Dick Weisinger

Digitization. Decarbonization. Decentralization. These three forces are speeding disruption in the energy industry, according to EY. So much so that earlier estimates for when alternative energies would be viable are being blown past. EY says that they’ve brought their estimate

Security: Hacking Incidents up 54% so far in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

A mid-year cybersecurity report reveals that in the first six months of 2019 there have already been over 3800 reported incidents of data breaches, up 54 percent from 2018. Inga Goddijn, Executive Vice President of Risk Based Security, said that