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Open Data: Use of Government Open Data Promotes Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

What has been the effect of the use of Open Data by governments?  A new report from the Center for Open Data Enterprise and the Open Data for Development Network examined the use of Open Data by 87 different countries. Findings from the

Storage Memory: IBM Advances PCM as Alternative to DRAM and Flash

By Dick Weisinger

Phase Change Memory (PCM) is another type of media used for computer memory that may challenge existing DRAM and Flash memory technologies.  Last month IBM announced a breakthrough for densely packing data in a PCM array. PCM has two states: amorphous and

Internet Speeds: A Race For Faster Access

By Dick Weisinger

Internet speeds are growing by leaps and bounds.  AT&T is in the middle of implementing their ultra-fast fiber-based GigaPower Network in San Francisco and San Jose areas.  Select communities within those metro areas will see speeds of up to 1

Open Data: Government Continues to Expand Investment

By Dick Weisinger

Open data is data made openly available, often by an API, that allows others to use, republish and repurpose the information with no copyright or patent restrictions.  The term is often applied especially to data collected by all levels of

Digital Transformation: Digital Transformation isn’t Coming Quickly Enough for Many Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

The question is how to get from here to there.  Businesses like Google and Amazon have set the bar high for what consumers expect from businesses in terms of digital interactions.  Many businesses realize that their current processes need to