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Security: Hacked Data Spreads “Staggeringly” Quickly

By Dick Weisinger

You might have heard of the “Dark Web”, a realm of the internet where hackers rule and can communicate among themselves. Recently the company Bitglass did an experiment to see the extent of the reach of the Dark Web.  Bitglass

3D Printing: Aerospace, Automotive and Medical Businesses Making Big Investments

By Dick Weisinger

The 3D printing market, which includes the printers themselves along with materials and services, is expected to grow annually by 44 percent over the next five years.  This year the market size is $5.2 billion and will be more than

Analytics and Computing: On-Premise or Cloud? Wherever the Data is Created is the Best Location

By Dick Weisinger

Last time this year, tech publication articles had headlines like “Where have all the on-premise analytics solutions gone?”  That particular article, for example, pointed to the IBM Unica product and Webtrends, both announcing that they would no longer continuing development

Collaboration: Email Remains Most Important Workplace Tool

By Dick Weisinger

Email has been in the crosshairs of software vendors for more than a decade with attempts to kill it off by replacing it with a better tool.  Despite their efforts, email remains the dominant tool for business communication.  Part of

Cloud Computing: Fear of Security Issues can Stymie Innovation and Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Security remains the weak leg of the cloud computing phenomenon.  While the rate of adoption of cloud technologies has been nothing short of torrid, a report by Ovum finds that cloud adoption might even be quicker that it has been