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Enterprise Apps: Why Users Have Had Enough of Enterprise Software

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise apps have long had an image of being secure and more sophisticated than what was available for consumer use.  But this image has changed dramatically over the last five to ten years.  Enterprise users now yearn for business apps that

Security: Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

By Dick Weisinger

Cyber attacks are now at the top of the list of emerging risks that threaten businesses, according to a survey by the Risk and Insurance Management Society. A recent report from Georgia Tech sumamrizes the state of cybersecurity and highlights the

Big Data Use Cases: How are Businesses Applying Big Data and Analytics

By Dick Weisinger

We know the hype around Big Data is big.  The market for Big Data technology is growing at a rate of 50 percent annually.  But why, and what are the applications of Big Data that can make the technology shine? Let’s

Failed Data Projects: No Different Than Anything Else. Things That Can Go Wrong Will.

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly businesses are turning to data to help run their businesses.  Benefits include cost reduction, faster and better decision making, and insight in building new products and services. Richard Petley, director of PwC Risk and Assurance, said that “data is

Internet of Things (IoT): Rapid Deployment of New and Existing Replacement Sensors Drive Smart Meter Market

By Dick Weisinger

Deployment of smart meters is growing quickly.  Hundreds of millions of them have been deployed globally.  In the US there are more than 60 million smart meters.  Estimates are that more than one billion smart meter data points are logged