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Internet of Things (IoT) and Manufacturing: Sensor Technology will be the Enabler of IoT in Manufacturing

By Dick Weisinger

The IoT market is big and growing rapidly.  A report from Credence Research estimates that the global IoT market was worth $690 billion in 2015 and that it will grow each of the next seven years by an average of

Software Development: IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud are Hot Technologies Now for App Developers

By Dick Weisinger

What are app developers focused on today?  A global survey of developers from Evans Data asked just that question. Not too unexpectedly, the survey found that the following technology areas were hot: Machine Learning (24.7 percent) Internet of Things (45

3D Printing: Power Users of Technology Drive Applications and Innovations

By Dick Weisinger

Between 2014 and 2015 businesses increased their spending on the professional use of 3D printing/additive manufacturing by 68 percent, according to a survey by Sculpteo.  77 percent said that they plan to continue to increase their use of and spending

Containers: Great Idea, but Large-Scale Management of a Container Environment is Complex

By Dick Weisinger

Docker containers have become a popular way to streamline the environment that a self-contained application can run in.  (Docker currently has 94 percent of the container market.) Container technology is hot and it is being used increasingly by  enterprises to

Software Licensing and Security: Nearly 40 Percent of Business Software is Unlicensed

By Dick Weisinger

Today’s world runs on software, but a study by BSA finds that nearly 40 percent of software running on business servers in the US isn’t properly licensed.  In Vietnam the number is as high as 78 percent with many other