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Blockchain 2019: Entering a More Rational and Mature Phase

By Dick Weisinger

Cryptocurrencies made big news in 2017 and 2018. 2017 saw an explosion of cryptocurrency prices and investor speculation. They were a modern day tulip mania. 2018 started the year with peak prices for cryptocurrencies that plunged throughout the year, down

Virtual Reality: High Cost, Little Content, and Clunky Technology has Stalled Market

By Dick Weisinger

Disappointment. Consumers are disappointed with the current state of Virtual Reality technology. It’s not what the marketers had led us to believe. It’s not as cool as we imagine from the things that we’ve seen in science fiction television and

Software Defined Perimeter: Filling the Gaps of VPN Security Problems

By Dick Weisinger

A Black Cloud may be coming to many cloud sites. A “Black Cloud” or “Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)” is a need-to-know security model. Infrastructure is hidden or “black” and does not reveal DNS or IP information. Software Defined Perimeters are

IoT Security: Trends Driving Stronger IoT Security in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

The security of pre-2019 IoT devices have been notoriously weak. This may be the year that begins to change. The headlines have begun to get attention and vendors are now tasked with securing their devices in order to retain their

Cloud Computing: The Big Nine

By Dick Weisinger

Nine vendors are dominating the cloud ecosystem in the US, according to recent research from Synergy Research Group. Of those nine vendors, the top four are Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Dell EMC and IBM. Synergy measured seven different cloud services and infrastructure