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Digitalization: Building Digital Ecosystems to Interact with and Shared Data

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner defines a digital ecosystem as “an interdependent group of enterprises, people and/or things that share standardized digital platforms for a mutually beneficial purpose (such as commercial gain, innovation or common interest). Digital ecosystems enable you to interact with customers,

Digital Signatures and E-signatures: Enabling Digital Processes

By Dick Weisinger

Malcolm McLeod, handwriting expert, said that “signatures are like your mark, your authority in the world, they represent you. They’re your corporate logo, they’re your branding.” But the increasing volume of electronic documents makes standard handwritten signatures time consuming and

Artificial Intelligence: Creation of the GPU Open Analytics Initiative (GAOI)

By Dick Weisinger

GPU (Graphic Processing Units) are specialized computer chips that are revolutionizing the area of artificial intelligence (AI).  Their original purpose may have been for speeding up graphic displays on monitors, but applications of GPU chips have become far reaching.  GPU

Technology: Construction Companies Reluctant to Spend on IT

By Dick Weisinger

The US and other countries are increasingly pushing the need to invest in large infrastructure projects.  These big projects are expected to push forward the global economy. PwC predicts that global infrastructure projects will reach $9 trillion by 2025. But

Data Centers: Growth of the Cloud Deflates On-Premise Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

While growth of data centers at the large cloud vendors is growing dramatically, on-premise data centers are down-sizing, consolidating, hollowing out, or being completely shut down. 2015 was the peak for the number of global data centers, according to IDC.