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Coding: Using AI to Translate Between Programming Languages

By Dick Weisinger

Code migration. Translating computer code from one programming language to another is tedious, time consuming, and expensive. When migrating from legacy systems or legacy ways of operating, it often can’t be escaped. Code translators are also often used to rewrite

Software and Fairness: The need for Ethics Engineering

By Dick Weisinger

Technology has become a cornerstone of most people’s lives, and its pervasiveness has many looking now at the ways it both positively and negatively affects our lives. While the positives of new technology are many, the negatives need to be

COBOL: Still the Heart of Today’s Business Process Systems

By Dick Weisinger

COBOL, the Common Business-Oriented Language, turned 60 years old this year. Despite it’s age, it is still used today by more than 70 percent of business processing systems. How has COBOL survived? Evolution. Despite it’s age, COBOL has evolved and

Coding: Python is the Preferred Data Language

By Dick Weisinger

Python is ranked as the most popular language for AI. A survey of 1000 developers by Burtch Works ranked software languages for working with analytics, AI, and machine learning. 41 percent said that they preferred Python. 30 percent preferred R,

Coding: The Elusive Goal of Bug Free

By Dick Weisinger

The goal of bug free software is unattainable, at least for software beyond a few hundred lines of code. That doesn’t mean that we should give up because perfection is out of reach; it’s just a recognition of reality. Sometimes