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Venture Spending: Cloud Computing and Mobile Top Sectors

By Dick Weisinger

A recent survey by Deloitte of global venture capitalists asked what technologies they were most excited about and those which worry them. Some of the findings of the report include: Cloud computing remains the top technology investment sector, a distinction

The Mobile Enterprise: Government Adopts Mobile to Process Documents

By Dick Weisinger

Mobile devices are beginning to change the way that businesses work.  A report by Good Technology found that 67 percent of enterprises have increased their usage of mobile devices and applications.  Among businesses and organizations, document processing mobile applications are

Android Fragmentation: App Development and Security Challenges

By Dick Weisinger

The Android market is seriously fragmented.  Fragmented because there are so many different vendors that have adopted it for many different devices and form factors.  A recent survey by OpenSignal of 600,000 actively used Android devices found that of those

Mobile Data Traffic: Gartner Expects 52 Million Terabytes to Be Transmitted Over Mobile in 2015

By Dick Weisinger

The popularity of mobile devices is driving a dramatic surge in the amount of data traffic that originates from mobile devices.  In 2015 alone, mobile data transmissions have increased by 59 percent from the previous year to 52 million terabytes.  Gartner estimates

Enterprise Mobility: Consumers Have Mobile and now Enterprises Want it Too

By Dick Weisinger

There are more than 7.3 billion mobile devices in a world that only has 7 billion people, says Forrester Research. While the first wave of mobile has been focused primarily on consumers, mobile is beginning to make a strong showing in the