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Chiplets: Rearchitecting the CPU

By Dick Weisinger

Computer chips have continued to scale up and become more performant by squeezing more and more integrated circuits onto each chip. Moore’s law describes how for 55 years the number of circuits on a chip have doubled roughly every two

Technical Debt: Balancing Short-Term and Long-Term Design Architecture

By Dick Weisinger

Technical debt refers to costs that accrue over time related to poor architectural choices. Often deadlines force coding choices that are expeditious in the short term but over time become headaches to maintain. The future time needed to maintain poor

Technological Sovereignty: Cultivating Technology Leadership in Europe

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is dominated by American and increasingly Chinese businesses. And that has caused European countries to worry that their countries are becoming technologically less competitive and at odds with the goals of non-EU based technology companies. The EU is trying

Technology: Securing the 2020 US Elections

By Dick Weisinger

US Elections at all levels have been under siege the past few years. Everyone agrees that there’s been a problem, but it isn’t totally clear what the true extent of it has been. How safe are we? We know the

Big Data: Scanning Radio Astronomic Data for ET

By Dick Weisinger

SETI@home (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Life), a 20-year old experiment to search for life beyond our earth, was retired at the end of March. The idea for the project was first conceived in 1995 by computer scientist David Gedye and ultimately