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Technology: On the Edge of Breakthrough in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Bill Gates recently presented the top 10 technologies for MIT Technology Review that have been simmering for some time and are edging toward major breakthroughs in the very near term. Robot Dexterity – Industrial robots are getting better at picking

Technology: Tech Tools Enabling Sustainability

By Dick Weisinger

New technology tools are being applied to the problem of sustainability. The goal of combining technology with sustainability is to create businesses that minimize damage to our natural world and enable employees and customers to be healthier. How can technology

E-Waste: A Gold Mine that Currently Contaminates our Environment

By Dick Weisinger

This year there will be more than 55 million tons of e-waste produced. The UN estimates that that will grow to more than 132 million tons by 2050. That’s bad, but there is an opportunity: recycling. One tone of e-waste

Digital Thread: Re-Imagining the Manufacturing Value Chain

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Threads is a digital manufacturing term that describes the flow of data through the life-cycle across the data silos. Digital threads are a concept for optimizing the delivery of data and information to the right place at the right

Smart Dust: Nano-sized Computers that Monitor and Sense Anything Anywhere

By Dick Weisinger

Smart dust is what people are calling swarms of microscopic monitoring sensors and cameras that are able to monitor and report on anything. They are able to detect light, vibration, temperature and noise and then relay the information back to