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Digital Signatures and E-signatures: Enabling Digital Processes

By Dick Weisinger

Malcolm McLeod, handwriting expert, said that “signatures are like your mark, your authority in the world, they represent you. They’re your corporate logo, they’re your branding.” But the increasing volume of electronic documents makes standard handwritten signatures time consuming and

Technology: Construction Companies Reluctant to Spend on IT

By Dick Weisinger

The US and other countries are increasingly pushing the need to invest in large infrastructure projects.  These big projects are expected to push forward the global economy. PwC predicts that global infrastructure projects will reach $9 trillion by 2025. But

Business Technology: Best Performing Companies are Those Investing in Digitalization

By Dick Weisinger

CEOs are prioritizing digitalization as a top tool for helping them to gain advantage and efficiency, according to Gartner.  In fact, 42 percent of CEOs say that digitalization is helping them achieve business priorities of increased profit and growth. Andy Rowsell-Jones, research

Digital Transformation: A Defining Challenge that Will Determine the Future for Business

By Dick Weisinger

“Digital is the defining challenge for today’s generation of CEOs. And the decisions they make will determine whether their businesses thrive or fade,” according to a recent online whitepaper by McKinsey. Here are some of the results from a recent

Software Architecture: Agility, Velocity and Modularity are the Catalysts that will Evolve Software Architecture

By Dick Weisinger

Technology evolves.  Processes evolve.  Thinking evolves. Software architecture is no different.  In a recent speech at the O’Reilly Software Architecture conference, Mark Richards described the ingredients that current architects need to design new foundations to enable competitive advantage. The answer isn’t necessarily