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Digital Transformation: A Defining Challenge that Will Determine the Future for Business

By Dick Weisinger

“Digital is the defining challenge for today’s generation of CEOs. And the decisions they make will determine whether their businesses thrive or fade,” according to a recent online whitepaper by McKinsey. Here are some of the results from a recent

Software Architecture: Agility, Velocity and Modularity are the Catalysts that will Evolve Software Architecture

By Dick Weisinger

Technology evolves.  Processes evolve.  Thinking evolves. Software architecture is no different.  In a recent speech at the O’Reilly Software Architecture conference, Mark Richards described the ingredients that current architects need to design new foundations to enable competitive advantage. The answer isn’t necessarily

IT Business: Frontline Line-of-Business Leaders Increasingly Control IT Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud-based technology is increasingly eroding the control IT departments have over total technology spending. IDC forecasts that non-IT business units will spend more than $609 billion in 2017 and even be on par with or exceed IT department spending by 2020.

Future of the Internet: Misinformation and Loss of Control of Personal Data Pose Threats

By Dick Weisinger

Twenty-eight years after proposing and then prototyping the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has posted a warning about dangers that are potentially destabilizing the technology. His three main worries are: Loss of control of personal data Consumers have lost control of their personal

Digital Transformation: Half of Businesses Say They Can’t Keep up with Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Innovation and new technology.  Those are the key elements of digital transformation.  But one other key element is people, people who are committed to change and willing to work to shape their organizations both strategically and operationally. A recent survey