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Memory Chips: How Small Can They Go?

By Dick Weisinger

Peter Lee, a vice-president at Microsoft Research, said that “there’s a law about Moore’s law: The number of people predicting the death of Moore’s law doubles every two years.” How small can we go?  Scientists had thought that they’re hitting

Data Centers: Building Out the Oceans with Data Centers

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft is experimenting with cleaner and more efficient ways of building data centers. In their most recent experiment they’ve dropped into the ocean near the Orkney Islands a mini data center housed in a structure the size of a shipping

5G: Next Generation Mobile Rolls out to 11 US Cities in 2018

By Dick Weisinger

5G is coming soon to your city. Eleven cities in the US will have 5G options before the end of 2018.  The cities include Sacramento, Seattle, Atlanta and Washington D.C. Daniel Gleeson, analyst at Ovum, said that “5G is the

Dark Side of Big Data: Signs of Big Brother as Police Adopt Data Techniques

By Dick Weisinger

A dark side to the growth in the use of Big Data is potential abuse of data privacy.  One worry is that governments, even with potentially good intentions, may use data as a means of tracking and monitoring its citizens. 

Custom Chips: Technology Vendors Invest in Design of Custom Semiconductors and Chips

By Dick Weisinger

As technology behemoths like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Google grow massive investments in data centers, they are increasingly looking to build the chips and electronics that drive those centers themselves.  Companies like Intel and Qualcomm currently are two of the