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Smart Dust: Miniature Non-Intrusive Sensors and Monitoring Devices

By Dick Weisinger

The continual miniaturization of electronics, devices and components is driving a new science-fiction-like technology called ‘smart dust’.  Smart Dust is a system of miniature microelectromechanical devices that function as sensors or robots that can detect and report information about light,

Technology + Archaeology: Imaging into the Past with LiDAR, Drones and GIS

By Dick Weisinger

New technology is providing archaeologists with tools to discover information about the past.  New imaging and drone technologies are making it possible to quickly map and uncover details of often hard to reach or study terrains. The aerial imaging market

Manufacturing and Smart Factories: Products of the Digital Industrial Revolution

By Dick Weisinger

Manufacturers are reinventing their industries by applying new technology.  A report by CapGemini finds that new tech manufacturing in the form of smart factories will revolutionize manufacturing and by 2022 will drive productivity increases by as much as seven times.

Technology and the Automotive Industry: A Story of Disruption

By Dick Weisinger

Disruption from technology is hitting the automotive industry.  From self-driving automobiles and trucks to the introduction of electronic and gas-alternative powered vehicles, the industry is changing.  Apple, Google/Waymo, Baidu, Uber and Facebook all think that they can compete, not to mention

Bimodal IT: Manufacturers Staff up IT Departments to Improve Innovation and Competitiveness

By Dick Weisinger

The rapid advance of new technology is dividing many IT departments in half.  One half focuses on keeping the current systems up and running while a second half scouts out and tests new technologies that could be transformative for the