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DNA Digital Data Storage: The DNA of Things

By Dick Weisinger

DNA is nature’s method of data storage. New Scientist estimates that 1 gram of DNA could hold up to 455 exabytes of data, more than all the data currently held by Google and Facebook combined. DNA is highly compact and

Government and Technology: 10 Trends for 2020

By Dick Weisinger

Governments are notoriously slow in adopting new technology, but when technology is used appropriately it can both streamline and improve the ability for governments to provide services. Rick Howard, Vice President at Gartner, said that “public sector leaders expect government

Web Monetization: An Alternative to Ads and Cookies that Track

By Dick Weisinger

How has much of the internet content been able to be created? Through advertising dollars. Without advertising it would be hard to make money from just content. Most publishers of newspapers and magazines have struggled to monetize their internet content.

Tech Backlash: Just Fake News? Tech Platforms Keep Growing.

By Dick Weisinger

There is a small, and possibly growing movement, for users to break free of big tech collaboration portals, like Facebook and Twitter. Back in March 2018, Cher wrote that “I did something VERY HARD 4 me… today I deleted my

Carbon Nanotubes: Successor to Silicon-based Computing?

By Dick Weisinger

Tubes of carbon constructed at the nanometer scale have been found to have excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and tensile strength. These carbon nanotubes consist of hexagonally bound carbon atoms that form chicken-wire like cylinders. Some are calling carbon nanotubes