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Digital Transformation and SMBs: Businesses See Technology as a Tool for Growth

By Dick Weisinger

Small and Medium-size businesses (SMB) are seeing value in adopting technology.  SMBs will spend more than $600 billion this year on new technology, especially in the area of digital transformation, according to a report by IDC.  That’s an increase in

User Interfaces: Voice is Expected to Be Important Factor in Enterprise Apps

By Dick Weisinger

Voice user interfaces are appearing everywhere in consumer products.  These include Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Asssistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. Voice is increasingly being used.  For example, Google voice search queries have grown by 35 times since 2008 and 7 times

Mid-Sized Business Trends: Technology as a Path to Competitive Advantage

By Dick Weisinger

Mid-sized businesses have seized on technology as their chance to gain competitive advantage. 69 percent say that their plan for spending on technology this is is “higher” or “significantly higher” than last year, according to a report by Deloitte. Anthony

Technology Hotspots: Software Dominates Top New Technology

By Dick Weisinger

“Software is eating the world,” wrote Marc Andreessen in 2011 in an essay for the WSJ. A recent survey of top technology startups by Deloitte confirms Andreessen’s assessment. The survey found that for the 22nd consecutive year that the list of

Technology: More than One Billion+ Devices Run an Android Version 2+ Years out of Date

By Dick Weisinger

Android is the biggest competitor to Apple’s IPhones and operating system, but it has a big problem: few Android phone owners keep current with new releases of the Android operating system. While Google boasts more than 2 billion devices running