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Technology: Web Innovation in the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

A recent survey by InformationWeek identified the top 500 IT shops and the ways in which those IT groups are introducing innovation into their organizations.  37 percent of these companies said that in 2009 new IT-led products and services were

Enterprise Software: Recession Puts Pressure on Vendors

By Dick Weisinger

With 81 percent of enterprises looking for a way to cut IT costs, many software vendors are feeling as if they are under siege from their customers.  But things may not be too bad based on a survey from Forrester.

Which Enterprise 2.0 Tools Will Run in the Enterprise?

By Dick Weisinger

Forrester Research took a hard look at Enterprise 2.0 technologies and products and has made predictions about which they expect to grow and which will wither. To come up with their forecasr, the report considered business value, maturity, and expected

WOA: The future of SOA?

By Dick Weisinger

First generation Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) services were built around technologies like SOAP and sophisticated WS-* specifications. But SOA has had a problem of bootstrapping itself into the mainstream and much of the delay in its uptake has been around

Technology: Google takes a Swipe at XML

By Dick Weisinger

XML has its roots going back to SGML in the 1980s and has been with us as a standard since 1997. The advantage of XML is that it is a simple way to serialize and exchange structured data. It’s detractors